SIRIUS INTERNATIONAL (HONG KONG) LIMITED ["Sirius"] is a digital display specialist and multimedia solution provider, serving a variety of public sector, commercial and industrial customers, especially in the transport arena. We are the authorised vendor to several transport entities, including the HKSAR Transport Department, MTRC, KCRC, KMB, and NWFB. Other important clients include CLP, HKJC, Shell and TVB.

Sirius' innovative hardware and in-house software solutions to digital signage and multimedia requirements are geared towards satisfying Hong Kong customers, while striving to keep abreast of the latest developments by utilising cutting-edge technologies. Our display systems range through stand-alone units to networked groups, indoor or outdoor, for advertising or information dissemination, single or multi-color, static or animated, text or graphics, and interactive applications as needed.

We offer no-compromise answers to customers’ problems with reliable products at affordable prices.

Under our registered CyberView® trademark, Sirius provides a comprehensive service from its broad range of complementary products, including LED (Light Emitting Diode), VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display), Flip Disk, Fibre Optic, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and Plasma Display, with our proprietary application and management software and touch-enabled features where desired, allowing us to design and supply the optimum response to a customer's requirement.

To maximise synergy and efficiency, we design many of our electronic components and all the dedicated software needed to manage and operate the displays, such as InnoView™, etc.