Touch'N-Go™ Displays

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InfoTouch™ is the brand-new way to turn your boring old shopping or occupancy directory into a dynamic, interactive display of advertising that you wish to bring to public attention.

This transformation package comprises our PanelDesigner™ software-activated Touch Frame that you simply place over your existing directory and couple up to a LCD or Plasma Display powered by your adjacent Personal Computer running Microsoft Windows. Once connected, customers are instantly able to obtain more information by the short-cut of simply touching the appropriate name on your existing directory.

Almost magically, the revolutionary InfoTouch™ changes from a static, lifeless unit into one that is vibrant, colourful and informative.


  • Touch-enabled flat or rough surface built to directory size up to 100” diagonal.
  • Optical imaging for seamless,100% clear, overlay-free, instant touch action.
  • Proximity Touch activates [1mm (0.04”)] prior to reaching surface.
  • Light touch, no pressure required.
  • Any touch stylus can be used – finger, gloved hand, hard or soft stylus.
  • Combine with any display unit, LCD, Plasma, or TV.