Touch'N-Go™ Displays

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Sirius' Touch Screens provide a unique Touch Screen solution - not only is the LCD display touch "enabled", but also an "off-screen" touchable area, called a Panel. This off-screen area, or Panel, enables the user to utilize key icons, navigation keys, cross-selling buttons, and short-cuts to content, around the LCD display and make these available to the customer at all times.

Standard LCD Flat Panel Displays are integrated into the units, and also become Touch Screens. The LCD's slim dimension means Sirius' Touch Screens can be easily integrated into a number of business solutions e.g. Kiosks, Shop Windows, Display Cabinets… - the list is endless!


  • Touch enabled glass.
  • Optical imaging.
  • 600 x 400mm (27” Touch Screen) size.
  • Turns a standard LCD into a Touch Screen.
  • Includes virtual keyboard.
  • Surrounding 'panel' can provide touch icons for navigation, content short-cuts, specials and promotions.
  • Any Touch Stylus can be used - finger, gloved hand, hard or soft stylus.
  • Light Touch – no touch pressure is required. Actual touch registers up to 1mm (0.04”) before the physical touch reaches on the Touch Surface.
  • Scratch resistant – scratches on the Touch Surface glass will not affect the Touch Screen operation. In addition, the Touch Surface is tempered glass and will resist scratching.

External Dimensions:650mm x 450mm (24" x 16" approx.)
Touchable Area:591 x 371 mm (23.4” x 14.7” approx.)
Depth:100mm (4”)
Frame/Bezel Colour:Silver
Daylight Compensation Sensor:Available
Operating Systems Supported:Microsoft Windows
Touch Type:Optical imaging - no overlays, 100% image clarity
Touch Per Second:40 touches per second
Touch Stylus:Finger, gloved hand, hard or soft stylus
Touch Glass Recommended:6mm tempered glass (safety glass)
Operating Temperature:0°C - 60°C - depending on the Monitor used.
Operating Humidity:0% - 90% non-condensating
Power Usage:20W universal voltage
Mounting Requirements:As per customer requirements
Warranty:12 months
Optional Modifications:Artwork, mounting type e.g. kiosk, shop windows, etc.
Interfaces:Serial 9-pin D-connector.
Control Type:OSD
Drag Response Time:From sleep mode - approx. 100 milliseconds
Normal - approx. 50 milliseconds
Resolution:1024 x 1024
Touch Resolution:8000 x 8000 addressable coordinates.
Touch Screen Weight:Without Monitor approx. 8.2kg (18lb)
With Monitor approx. 16kg (35.2lb)
Software:Sirius TouchStarter™
Sirius PanelDesigner™
Component List:Touch Screen
Back Panel
VGA Cable
Serial Cable (up to 3 metres long)
Power Cables x 2