Touch'N-Go™ Displays

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Sirius' Touch Screen Technology can be used to provide a unique Touch Screen solution - where not only is the LCD, or Plasma Display, display touch 'enabled', but also an 'off-screen' touchable area, called a Panel. This off screen area, or Panel, enables the user to utilize key icons, navigation keys, cross-selling buttons, and short-cuts to content, around the LCD display and make these available to the customer at all times.

The TouchPanel™ Overlay custom fit to any manufacturer's model, for the 20" to 60" Large Display Plasma or LCD Screen.


  • Four point calibration, to within 2-3mm (0.1"), with no drift.
  • Landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Custom fit to any manufacturer's model (20" to 60").
  • Glass is optional, can be installed at the user's site or easily replaced.
  • Accurate Optical Imaging - over 4,000,000 touch points.
  • Any Touch Stylus can be used - finger, gloved hand, hard or soft stylus.
  • Light Touch - no touch pressure is required.
  • Actual touch registers at 1mm (0.04") before the physical touch reaches on the Touch Surface.
  • Scratch resistant (if glass used).
  • Scratches on the Touch Surface will not affect the Touch Screen operation -
    Touch Surface scratch resistance will depend on whether tempered glass is used for the Touch Surface, as recommended. No overlays - therefore no image loss.
  • Cost effective.
  • Can be used for a variety of business solutions e.g. Kiosks, Shop Windows, Display Cabinets etc.

Dimensions outside monitor:+70mm long side
+36mm width
+10mm depth
Bezel Colour:Silver / Black
Construction:Aluminium, mild steel, and safety glass (optional)
Luminous Transmission:100% without glass, 92% with glass
Aspect Ratio:16:9
Touch Screen Type:Accurate Optical Imaging - no overlays
Touches Per Second:40 touches per second
Touch Stylus:Finger, gloved hand, hard or soft stylus
Touch Activation Force:Nil
Touch Accuracy:±2mm (for 40" monitor)
Touch Durability:Unlimited
Drag Response Time:From sleep mode - approx. 100 milliseconds
Normal - approx. 50 milliseconds
Operating Temperature:-20°C - 70°C
Operating Humidity:0% - 90% non-condensating
Power Usage:6W
Mounting:Snug fit to Plasma, spring holder, no screws
Touch Glass (if required):3.5 to 4.5mm Tempered Glass (Safety Glass)
Warranty:1 year parts and labour
Interfaces:USB / Serial 9-Pin D-connector
Constructed Weight:3.5kg without glass
Software:Sirius TouchStarter™
Sirius PanelDesigner™
Operating Systems Supported:Microsoft Windows / Linux
Component List:Touch Frame
Interface Cable (2 metres long)
Power Cable
Attachment Straps
Optional: Glass