Touch'N-Go™ Displays

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ServoMat™ is the revolutionary interactive showcase that eases shopping chores. Have your customers short-cut the route to information on a chosen item by just picking up the product model out of the showcase.

This instantly activates the Touch Surface encircling the integrated TFT LCD Colour Screen, providing an immediate path to all available data on the item that arouses customer interest.

ServoMat™’s active facility surpasses the passive features of all other touch technologies.


  • ServoMat™ is a complete plug-and-play package.
  • Optical imaging for seamless, overlay-free, instant touch action.
  • Built-in 15" diagonal LCD Colour Screen for 100% Image clarity.
  • On-Screen Virtual Keyboard available when required.
  • Powerful, included PC controls supplied software and your content.
  • Screen surround provides icons for further touch navigation.
  • Any touch stylus can be used - finger, gloved hand, hard or soft stylus light touch - no pressure required.
  • Any Touch Stylus can be used - finger, gloved hand, hard or soft stylus.
  • Your product models can be picked up out of the showcase.
  • Proximity Touch activates [1mm (0.04”)] prior to reaching surface.