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Sirius WindowTouch™ provides a uniquely versatile Touch-Screen solution that can be used to touch-enable a shop window or other large glass surface in sizes up to 80" diagonal, using a Sirius Through Glass "L" Frame in conjunction with a Rear Projection, Plasma, LCD, or CRT Display.

The slim dimensions mean that Sirius Through Glass "L"; Frames can be easily integrated into numerous business solutions such as Shop Windows, Demonstrations and Event Displays!


  • Turns a window or other glass surface into a Touch Screen using a standard Rear Projection Unit, Plasma, LCD or CRT Display.
  • Advanced Optical-Imaging technology.
  • Can accommodate a Rear Projected Image in sizes up to 42" Plasma, or 40" LCD/CRT.
  • Any Touch method can be used - finger, gloved hand, hard or soft stylus.
  • Light touch - no touch pressure is required. Actual touch registers 1mm (0.04" before the physical touch contacts the Touch Surface.
  • Scratch Resistant - even if there are scratches on the Touch Surface, these will not affect the Touch Screen operation, but utilising the recommended Tempered Glass will minimise the risk of scratching.
  • No overlays - therefore no image loss.
  • Cost effective - versatility in addressing various needs from one location spreads investment cost.
  • Simple Integration - Touch Screen attaches to the computer through a standard Serial Cable (up to 3 metres long). The Data Projector connects to the computer via standard Shielded VGA Cable. Simple!!
  • Optical Imaging - sophisticated optical imaging used without overlays, therefore, no image loss.
  • Modular Sirius Touch Screen facilitates servicing - a component-based system with modular, replaceable parts.

Outer Dimensions (with Bezel):850mm x 650mm (33.5" x 25.5" approx.)
Touchable Area:750mm x 550mm (30" x 22" approx.)
Depth:60mm (2.4" approx.)
Frame/Bezel Colour:Silver, Black
Operating Systems Supported:Microsoft Windows
Touch Type:Optical imaging - no overlays, 100% image clarity
Touch Per Second:40 touches per second
Touch Stylus:Finger, gloved hand, hard or soft stylus
Operating Temperature:0°C - 60°C - depending on the Monitor used.
Operating Humidity:0% - 90% non-condensating
Power Usage:17W universal voltage
Mounting Requirements:As per customer requirements
Warranty:12 months
Interfaces:Serial 9-pin D-connector
Touch Screen Weight:Approx. 2kg
Software:Sirius TouchStarter™
Sirius PanelDesigner™
Component List:"L" Bezel
Camera Bar
Serial Cable (up to 3 metres long)